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The Seven Samurai


A small farming village is constantly the victim of a group of well-armed bandits. The village elder decides that the only way to stop these constant attacks is if they hire some Samurai.

Four men set out to seek hungry Samurai, as all they can pay them is three square meals a day. The men come across an experienced samurai with a good heart. Kambei agrees to help them, but decides that he needs to recruit six more samurai, if they hope to win the battle. They seek five more experienced samurai, but are reluctant to accept an inexperienced farmer, who claims to be a samurai, with determination Kikuchiyo is welcomed into the group.

The seven Samurai, under the leadership of Kambei, train the farmers and prepare the village for battle. The forty bandits arrive and the battle begins. The Seven Samurai and the villagers, let the bandits in one by one killing them as they enter, eventually all the bandits and four samurai are killed.

The movie concludes, with the farmers returning to their usual work in the fields and the three remainding Samurai leaving to their original lifestyle as wanderers.

A critical examination

The Seven Samurai directed by Akira Kurosawa, is an extraordinary tale, of hardship, adventure, romance, humor, and battle.

The Story, which depicts life in 16th century Japan, captivates the imagination as it is full of suspense and is dramatized; using highly experienced actors which create the atmosphere of the film.

The "seven samurai is a magnificent story, which is both original and well known throughout the world. The technique and plot of the film is created in manner that has fascinated many other film writers and directors.

"Seven Samurai" as a Film

The "Seven Samurai" created by Akira Kurosawa, is one of the greatest films of all time. This black and white film released in 1954 combine's brilliant cinematography, special effects, sound, superb acting, and an excellent plot. The most interseting use of cinematograpgy in the film is 'deep focus'; this technique allows objects close up and far away to be shot in the same focus. The speical effects are simple but effective - two scenes of slow motion. The sound and music coincide with every movement an action throught the film. The actors are all individually superb, with each setting the scene of the film.

The main actor, Toshiro Mifune provides humour to the serious story. The plot is exciting and unique and gives a sense of realism.

This combination of techniques enhances the film to make it the unique and powerful film that it is much known for.The "Seven Samurai" is one of the first films of it's kind and has been the inspiration of many other great film makers. Such films which have tried to captivate the quality of Kurosawa's film, are: "The Wild Bunch" and "The Magnificent Seven", all are teriffic in there make, but non are as high in perfection as the brilliant seven samurai.


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Written by Maria de Guzman 10/9/98

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