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The Globe

The Globe theatre or Playhouse was constructed in 1599, on the London suburb of Southwark. It was built by William Shakespeare and six other shareholders. The globe was an imitation to a previously constructed theatre built by James Bubage. Bubages " theatre " was the main principle to all the Elizabethan theatres. The Globe was one of four theatres in the London area, the other three, were the Rose, the Hope, and the Swan. The Globe became the home of Shakespeare's acting company - Lord Chamberlain's Men, which in 1603 changed its name to the King's Men, to honour the new king, King James VI. The globe Theatre was destroyed by fire in 1613. It was rebuilt, but was pulled down in 1644.

The globe was not the only playhouse around in the time of William Shakespeare within the London area; the Rose, the Swan, and the Hope were all part of the growing entertainment for the Londoners. The globe however was the most popular, mostly due to the creativity of Shakespeare.